What our Guests say

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Mairi & Eddie Ironside – Scotland
Robyn & Leslie Jaffrey, Sydney
– Having read all the other tributes to your very thoughtful & high standards,
may we add our own bouquet (of heather & bluebells!) to you abuiaus genorosity of spirit!
Well done Australia – Mudgee well be forever in our thoughts, you are marvellous ambassadors for your wonderful country! Thank you.


April 1996 Newcastle NSW
We wish to thank you and congratulate you on the way you have set up and established ‘Mudgee’s Getaway’. All the extra touches made our stay in Mudgee so very comfortable – a ‘Home away from home’.


It’s the little things that make the difference between good and great.
This has been a great place to stay.
We wish you all the best with your venture, because if being professional counts, this leaves most places for dead.


To say that we were delighted would be an understatement, all the extra touches that made it a home from home.


Mt Vincent
We couldn’t have stayed in a better place for our few days in Mudgee. You have thought of every comfort and all possible needs of your guests and everything done in such good taste.


Lane Cove
What a sensational house! Thank you so much for the opportunity to stay. It was most excellent.


Oslo, Norway
Had the weather been as nice as the house, this would have been a perfect stay. We did see the vineyards though. We hope to come back one day.


Very tranquil, relaxing – the perfect place to unwind! Loved the animals.

Once again, we had a great time, your property looks gorgeous and your tomatoes & basis was delicious.


Kamleah, ACT
Your house is like a great Mudgee wine. It feels good. It’s good for the body & mind & is wonderful for the soul. I’m so pleased we found you & your house. We will be back. Many thanks Elizabeth


Wonderful place which makes me want to tell all my friends how great it was, but then I may not be able to get a booking – what a dilemma. Thank you


We were very happy that Jeanette found this truly beautiful place to spend my 60th birthday. We have all enjoyed our stay here. A very peaceful place. The house, the garden – wonderful. We will tell everyone in Adelaide all about it. Thank you ..

We had a wonderful time. We also fortunate enough to be here with very close friends of over 40 years. The surroundings, the accommodation, the hospitality and the clean fresh country air made for a fantastic few days. Like General McArthur “We shall return”.


I’m running out of words, it’s enough to say that this is our 3rd visit. Thanks


Toronto, Newcastle
Boomarang Cottage. We shall return “Bloody Good Place”

Excellent, enjoyable, relaxing are a few words to describe our stay. Delightful wine tasting & great eateries topped off our stay


Easily exceeded our expectations by far. A most delightful & enjoyable spot in wonderful surroundings. Probably among the best accommodation we have ever had. It complemented & made our enjoyment of the district’s attractions complete.


East Maitland
Just as peaceful & beautiful as the first time. See you again.


Martins Creek
Dad met his brother today after 31 years of being estranged. It was like watching a movie seeing them together, sharing a coffee/cigarette on the verandah. A ‘real’ moment! Thanks for the backdrop, and the gardens’ fragrances ….


Salamander Bay
Having been thoroughly enchanted by your brochure, we had high expectations for our few days stay in Mudgee’s Getaway Cottage B & B. We were not disappointed! Everything was exactly as stated but with an added ‘something’ that cannot be adequately described. Our discount package was very much appreciated.


Auchengar, Scotland
Thank you for making our holiday in Mudgee such a memorable one. To say we were quite overcome when we arrived and saw Mudgee’s Getaway, was not an exaggeration. Everything was provided and in such excellent taste.


Blue Mountains
The perfect place for a Mudgee getaway. The house is so close to town – fantastic for eating out.


The jewel in the crown of ideally holiday settings


Cleveland, Qld
What can we say!! Our first visit to Mudgee for 20 years & to find all this. We will return!!


The second time was just as wonderful as the first time.


Our first visit was for one night and it was good.
This visit was for two nights and it was twice as good.
We look forward to our third visit.


(5th visit) The Mudgee Getaway experience worked its magic again. See you next year, thank you.


Bilgola Plateau
What a wonderful view from the house. It’s been a lovely weekend & I wish we could stay for a week.

A lovely stay – and what a great block of land!


A most pleasant surprise on opening the door, well worth the drive from Sydney. Elizabeth, it was like coming home. You have thought of everything.


Elanora Heights
Mudgee Getaway is the icing on Mudgee’s cake – it is delightful & delicious – many thanks Elizabeth


After savoring the delights of Mudgee wineries & Mudgee Getaway we feel very relaxed & ready to face the ‘rat-race’ until next time.


Wonderful surroundings. Fresh garden vegies much appreciated. Had a nice picnic down near the river. We will be back with friends.


Balgowlah Heights
We expected to come to a lovely home
But not as lovely as this
In fact my husband, daughter & I
Just think it is pure bliss!


Great location – town and country all together. An excellent place from which to check out the local ‘produce (hic!). We’ll definitely be back


Beautiful grounds, loved the ducks, chooks, water rat, fish & Llamas. Hope to return & stay much much longer! Thank you


Elizabeth – everything we needed you had thought of!! Thank you for preparing everything for us from the BBQ (including heatbeads) to the coffee plunger. The kids loved exploring the property and feeding the pony and Mum, Dad and friends loved Mudgee’s fine vineyards. A great weekend!!

A flock of white doves, broad acres, sweeping down to a tranquil river, hanging gardens, flower beds bordering verdant lawns, a fish pond with resident frogs, spacious rooms elegantly furnished and adorned, a well stocked fridge and every other convenience – even alpacas and a friendly horse called ‘Storm’. Was there ever a better B & B? Thank you Elizabeth

When National Trustees come to Mudgee
They wish to be treated indulgently
There’s a house to linger long
On the banks of the Cudgegong
Come and stay, enjoy Elizabeth’s B & B.


Thank you for such a wonderful place – it far exceeded all our expectations. We will certainly be recommending it to all of our friends and will definitely be back ASAP. The main thing we appreciated was that we had everything we needed at our fingertips – a home away from home (probably better). Only suggestion is some instructions on how to play the organ. Thanks again,


Thank you for providing a wonderful extension to our family home for Christmas. A driving green for our pleasure, and a warm and thoughtful welcome for our comfort. And how about that complimentary orange juice & water! It has got to be the world’s finest!


A lovely place to stay, beautiful gardens & so relaxing & a very lovely home. I felt like I was in paradise for a day.

Why would you stay anywhere else!! Wonderful.

What a wonderful surprise to find such an oasis during this little tour. Only wish we had made this our first stop instead of our last. Thank you Elizabeth, for all the thought put into making our stay so very perfect. Hope to see you again soon, after all we only saw two vineyards!


Waitara, Sydney
Arrived to celebrate 50th wedding anniversary – ours. Looked through house – looked out at the view – unanimous decision – we’re never going home.


Kenmore Hills, Brisbane
My son’s first words were “This place rocks Mum”. That is quite a compliment. Will be back with the rest of the family, lovely spot.


We were very pleased to find such a warm homely place when we arrived on a cold & wet night. The games provided for a potentially wet weekend were very much appreciated too. We love all the tasteful finishing touches & were certainly extremely comfortable in this lovely house & its surrounds. We will definitely be back.

Private – spacious – peaceful – convenient truly describe this lovely place. I have traveled widely I have never come across anyone so caring. God Bless you


London & Sydney
A really fabulous four days in such a lovely setting. A jewel to behold & enjoy, what more can I say. I’m lost for words! My heartfelt thanks to you Elizabeth


Thanks for a great weekend, what a wonderful place to relax and unwind, with everything you could possibly want and need. We will definitely be back, to “Mudgee Getaway”. After numerous trips to Mudgee, we have finally found our ideal destination; full of charm, warmth and comfort. Thanks for everything.

Excellent accommodation, superb location. We look forward to coming back again.

I love this place. I only wish I could take home the bed and all the pillows in my room. I hope to come up with my family very soon!


The Gannon family ..
Mum -This has been the most suitable accommodation for a family with children that we have stayed in. Everyone is eager to come back. The children don’t want go!
Jordon (age 11) There was heaps to do so I had the most enjoyable holiday yet
Ashley (age 9) I liked riding my bike and patting Storm and I felt like a princess in my bed.
Brendan (age 6) Liked riding around the yard and Storm is great. Played golf and kicked the footy.
Lyndall (age 8) I wish Storm was mine. I won’t have a broken arm next time.


Thank you for the gorgeous scenery & house – see you next time I make the trip to Mudgee.


Great ambiance, very relaxing – wish we could stay longer. The fresh juices and spring water are a nice touch. We all fed Storm and apologise for her extra kilo’s he’s carrying.


Baulkham Hills
A bit like Qld – beautiful the first visit – perfect the next!!


Mona Vale
A real touch of class!! Elizabeth, this is the best equipped home and cleanest we have seen!


England, UK
We are going to have to be dragged out kicking & screaming – do you take bookings two years in advance? Idyllic spot. Can think of a group of friends who’d love it too – getting the airplane flights would be the tricky bit, ever considered transporting it to the UK?


We are so glad we know people who recommended this peaceful place. We’re pleased we could introduce our extended family from the UK to Mudgee & ‘Getaway”. Returning home will be difficult but we have it over the ‘Brits’ – we can return!

We enjoyed our stay immensely and look forward to returning. Love the pergola out the back. What a surprise to find farm fresh eggs – thanks, they made lovely scrambled eggs. We’ll be back.

I look forward to experiencing the ‘Getaway’ again very soon, and also to meeting you again, Elizabeth. “Excellence”


Upsalla, Sweden
We ate all our meals on the terrace looking across to those beautiful hills in the East. Electric organ was played endlessly – all those thousands of music lessons paid off!


Terry Hills
Nick (age 11) It was the best. I am going to con my parents into coming back!!!


We think we saw a platypus. We got some rain and voted in the referendum. The golf was good, the place is great and our buddies are special. Thanks.


So peaceful & quiet with lush green scenery around, a perfect place to unwind & relax. I must say, I am partial to this place since I really love the countryside. PS We really enjoyed the tomatoes.

Elizabeth, we feel splendidly slumbered, comforted, relaxed, unwound and totally ‘gotten away’. Thank you for so much kindness and hospitality. We shall indeed be back for further indulgence. With sanity saved!! Best wishes


We made our way to Mudgee wondering what may be in store for us – being our first time in this delightful area. We found immediately that there was nothing to worry about. We can only endorse what others have had to write about. A wonderful house, a wonderful outlook – just a wonderful 48 hours. Thanks & thanks again.


This is an absolutely beautiful house. Well kept & very cozy. I most definitely will be back.


Another wonderful stay – but too short – love the peaceful outlook of this place – we will be back again!! Thank you.


We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, once again, at Mudgee Getaway. It’s a very peaceful & relaxing part of the world to stay. Accommodation as comfortable as always and the fridge bulging with goodies. Thank you!!


Although we’ve been to Mudgee many times, it was a real pleasure to be able to stay here – a treasure. We’ll be back – thanks to Elizabeth for her hospitality.


The wedding was great, the accommodation first class and a fun time was had by all.

I was the Bride. I couldn’t have thought of a more beautiful place to have in preparing for my ‘special day’. Thank you.


Wonderful base for Huntington Festival – hope to see you again for the next festival.


The house was great, our group had a really good time just hanging out. We did a winery tour & did some fishing down on the river – thank you


We have stayed in numerous places in Mudgee and the Mudgee Getaway would have to be the most well equipped & comfortable. We had a wonderful time!


Elizabeth, it has been wonderful to come home from a heavy day ‘hunting and gathering’ in the vineyards to a warm and comfortable home. Thank you so much for all the extras – the eggs, the juices, the fresh vegies. Etc. and that comprehensive and interesting array of reading material. Thanks for your hospitality – we have really enjoyed our stay.


Wow!! What can I say. Fabulous house, great views. After a wonderful day around the wineries it was great to come back to a spacious warm house & relax. The house is a credit to you Elizabeth. Thanks for the great week-end.


Whangarei, New Zealand
A haven found
On a wet winters day
Thanks Elizabeth


Enjoyed the weather, enjoyed the wine
The wonderful house suited us fine.
It was great to find everything we needed and more.

How lovely it was after a huge weekend & massive function at Huntington to know that I had a ‘home’ to come back & recoup in. Thanx for the memories.


Thank you for a very comfortable & relaxing getaway.
Refreshed and back to the hard slog.


It may be our third visit to the “Getaway” made in heaven but it never ceases to amaze us how truly relaxing and well managed this home is. You certainly make everyone’s visit a welcome one.


Love the River & hope the grubs don’t get your tomatoes!


Burwood Heights
Wish I could look at the view from my kitchen window every day.


We have really enjoyed our stay. It’s so nice to relax and unwind from city life. Fantastic cottage, with all great facilities and a peaceful garden.


Balgowlah Heights
Arriving at night was a bonus – this house with its warm lighting was very welcoming. Thank you.


Bilgola Plateau
What a truly comfortable (the beds are great) and glorious spot here in the heart of Mudgee. We need not have brought a thing (we’ll know for next time) and the children had a terrific time.

The serenity was fantastic. Just like Bonnie Doon back at home.


An experience which we will be relating to all & sundry in the coming weeks. Our stay was relaxing in an atmosphere that is unsurpassed. Your guesthouse has ‘topped off’ our holiday in a way that will ensure our return sometime in the future.


I loved it here, and will be back. A rich & warm & relaxing experience. Found heaven. What a place, beautiful, lovely. Horse Ducks, Alpacas, Turkeys, Chooks. Highly recommended place. All the hard work put into this place has certainly paid off.

I have been to a lot of towns but your cottage has been the ‘absolute best’ Congratulations.


I could spend my time just sitting in the garden. Wish I could transport your ‘heven’ back home to Bankstown with me or bring my 3 daughters, 4 g’daughters & 1 g’son up here. The kids & my son-in-laws would be ecstatic. One s’inlaw who is Indonesian would say “All this, and a river too!” Thanks


So far away, so nice to stay!


Great driving range!


Burwood Heights
What a place to stay for a business meeting!


South Penrith
Good food, good wine, great friends, great location. What more could we ask for except a marriage proposal! What a weekend.